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Leviosa Equine. Katrina Per. Equestrian Canada Coach. Classical Dressage
Leviosa Equine. Katrina Per-Carruthers

Leviosa Equine 
we are here for you

Leviosa Equine is here to help enrich your knowledge of equine behaviour through French Classical Dressage. Find your path to more ethical horse training and an authentic partnership with your horse.

Who is                                       

Leviosa Equine. Katrina Per-Carruthters. Equestrian Coach.

Help for all horses and their humans.

Using evidence-based, horse-friendly and thoughtful methods, Leviosa Equine aims to empower people to solve complex training problems in an ethical way.

For more information about Katrina Per-Carruthers & the team behind Leviosa Equine click HERE

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"Katrina provides lessons that are incredibly valuable. So often I meet coaches who are incredibly good with horses but not with people or vice-versa. Katrina is able to meet people where they are at and kindly and gently push them towards improvement without ever making them feel insignificant, worthless or bullied. Katrina has brought the joy of riding back to my life."


—  Izzy O

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