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Meet The Team


Katrina Per-Carruthers

Katrina Per-Carruthers is a passionate trainer & coach residing in British Columbia, Canada.

Katrina has a Bachelor's Degree in Psychology & Communications, is a licensed Registered Massage Therapist with the CMTBC (humans), holds her Equestrian Canada Coaching License and is currently working towards certification with the École de Légèreté (Philippe Karl's School of Lightness in the French Classical Tradition) as a teacher-candidate.

Katrina has been involved in French Classical Dressage for over 10 years and has had the privilege of auditing the first set of clinics held by Mr. Karl in Canada in addition to participating in clinics with his master instructors. It is a great honour to have been accepted into the teacher-trainee program.

Katrina is also a supporting member of the International Association for Animal Behaviour Consulting and is currently mentoring under a certified equine behaviourist.


While her passions lie in French Classical Dressage, Katrina loves working with all kinds of horses and their humans.  While she has experience teaching and riding upper level dressage movements Katrina also has experience in behavioural modification, trick-training, rehabilitation and horsemanship skills. 

Katrina believes in all horses and their people and has a sympathetic and very scientific approach to training and coaching. Katrina's favourite teaching device is her whiteboard! 


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Madeleine Davey

Madee has been a student of Katrina Per-Carruthers for some time and has since become an integral part of the Leviosa Equine team. Madee is currently working towards her Bachelor's Degree at the University of British Columbia.


When not studying or riding her TB mare, Madee is seen helping organize clinics and lessons in addition to running and designing the social media platforms, website maintenance and design.If you are looking to get in touch with Leviosa Equine about our courses or clinics, Madee is your go-to!

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