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Behaviour Modification

Are you interested in learning more about the "why" behind what your horse is doing? Approaching horse training from a behaviourism lens allows for horses to LEARN new behaviour patterns in a way that reduces stress and increases fun!

By using an approach that understands the science of learning and the effects of trauma and fear, we can often create new associations with previously problematic situations. 

Common behavioural issues addressed include:

  • Trailer Loading

  • Fear of objects (such as water trays while jumping, certain kinds of fill, whips or other objects)

  • Fear of spaces (e.g.: Stalls, cross ties),

  • Difficulties with leading/handling,

  • Undesirable behaviours such as pawing, nipping, cow-kicking.

  • Issues at Horse Shows or Off Property -- examples:
    Ring Sourness, Gate Issues, Loss of Confidence/Issues with specific fences, Shutting down from warm up to show ring, Spookiness etc.

*Please note: Behaviour challenges can often be quite complex and it is possible that Katrina refers you out for veterinary assessment or to a certified equine behavioural consultant (someone with a Masters/PhD in Equine Behaviour Modification) before continuing on a modification program.

Use of force is not in line with our philosophy. We do our best to create shaping plans and behaviour modification plans that allow for the least aversive experience for the horse and their human!

Image by Bruno Martins

One-on-One Behaviour Builder Mentorship
Available Now!

If you are interested in working one-on-one in an intensive and highly personalized way to learn just how to work on a behaviour challenge or goal with your horse, Katrina is now offering a one-month program complete with handbook and personalized planning and goal-setting! Follow the link below and click on "Behaviour Builder Mentorship"!

Limited In-Person Help Available

Do you need more help than what can be offered in an online session? Contact us below with a description of your challenges and we will get back to you and determine if we can help or refer you to someone who can! Please consider using humane methodologies before contacting a "cowboy" or other aversive trainers or tools -- often times behavioural issues are from pain and/or fear not "disobedience" or "naughtiness" or "stubbornness."
NOTE: THIS IS NOT A REPLACEMENT FOR YOUR REGULAR COACHING PROGRAM -- We are here to help with a specific issue and work with your whole team to help you and your horse! 

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