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Our clinics are tailor-made for your group and can last from 2 to 5 days. Topics covered have included:

  • Behaviour Builder Workshops (classroom workshop and in-depth practice to refine your understanding of behaviour and truly learn to teach your horse anything)

  • Thoracic Sling Development

  • French Classic Dressage for all disciplines

  • Seat Clinics

  • & more

What People are Saying 

"This was the most incredible experience. The clinician's understanding of Learning Theory and Behaviour was absolutely mind-boggling. I've never experienced this quality of clinic in such an accessible format."

"To be honest I would have paid more for this clinic"


"I wasn't entirely sure what to expect from the clinic as having a classroom portion along with handouts seemed really overwhelming on the surface but this was the most valuable and useful thing I've ever done for myself and my horse"

Katrina Per-Carruthers Teaching a Clinic Participant how to recognize stress signals in a horse loading on a trailer.

"Holy Smokes! Katrina completely converted my dull horse into a willing partner in less than 2 hours. I call it witchcraft, Katrina calls it"science..." I still think it's witchcraft.

— Clinic Participant "Building Behaviours"

Katrina Per-Carruthers Teaching a Clinic on Horse Behaviour

"wow what a Difference a weekend can make.This was the best clinic I've ever attended. Clear instruction, happy horses, big improvements for everyone. Just incredible. Thank you!!

— Name, Title


— Name, Title

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