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Welcome to Leviosa Equine.


I'd like to warmly welcome you to our website. Leviosa Equine was born out of a need for a more ethical, well-rounded and science-based resource for horse trainers and riders alike. The use of learning theory and force-free and fear-free methods of horse training is a relatively new area of training. Where it was once acceptable to use force and coercion we now know better.

But now what?

If you, like me, were struggling with the ethics of some of the common horse training methods but were also discouraged by the lack of progress with more "ethical" (and I say "ethical" because I seriously question the ethics of some of these methods) approaches... Or perhaps you are newer to the horse world and aren't sure you (or your kid!) should be kicking that school horse or smacking them with a stick to make them trot... Or maybe you're a horse owner who's struggling with behaviours like nipping and mugging for treats... Or maybe you're a trainer who's seeing the signs of frustrated horses but isn't sure where to turn... Or maybe you've decided you'd like to reduce the use of your spurs and whips but aren't sure how to be effective without these tools... Leviosa Equine is a community -- It's a mission to better horse welfare through education and accessibility not through judgment and retribution. We believe horses deserve better and we believe their humans deserve better too.

We can't wait to share with you what we have in store.



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