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Behaviour Builder - A month of intensive help
  • Behaviour Builder - A month of intensive help

    Do you have trouble with a specific piece of your training? Can't figure out how to train a specific behaviour? At your wits end and just can't figure something out?

    In this one-month intensive mentorship you'll break through barriers and accomplish your goals:

    🌟Learn to identify, break down and build up your ideal behaviour

    ⭐️Learn to drill down into your current behaviour and find where things might be going wrong

    🌟Receive support to apply behavioural science to your horse in a step-by-step and approachable manner

    ⭐️ Receive personalized worksheets and shaping plans and all the support you need to make these plans a reality and help you achieve your goals.

    This is not a replacement for your regular coaching/training program but a comprehensive deep-dive in to how to approach a specific problem using a systematic and scientific process that you can apply to all of your training.

    Examples of previously addressed behaviours include:

    ✅ Horses who shut down from warm-up ring to show-ring or who get sticky at gates

    ✅ Gate sour/barn sour/buddy sour horses

    ✅ Problems with specific objects or types of jump or obstacles or locations

    ✅ Bridling/Saddling/Brushing problems

    Issues with specific ridden exercises (From piaffe-to-passage transitions to issues with bend to not halting to stopping at fences etc).

    ✅ Handling issues (like leading, holding feet up, standing for exams/vet/farrier)

    Please do not purchase this program before emailing us at or hitting the "chat" button below to ensure we are a good fit for you and your problem.

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